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As an Atlas Orthogonal Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional Nutritionist

with 20 years experience and evaluating thousands of patients, we’ve learned that seldom can you pinpoint one specific root cause of illness. The human body is far too complex to think one particular remedy is the answer. For example, many health related issues stem from stress. It comes from many places and in many different forms. And, it’s impact is so great because it has a negative cascade that affects all systems and organs of the body that work together.




Stress is a common killer and we all deal with it on a daily basis.

It presents in various ways, such as physical, mental, emotional, chemical, and environmental forms. These chronic stressors add up, resulting in dysfunction and decline. Stress increases inflammation, thereby, damaging tissues. It inhibits immune function, increases susceptibility to infection, and accelerates aging.

Reducing stress is essential to improving adrenal function, which regulates mood, weight, inflammation, and the immune system. We’ve helped so many patients, getting to the root cause of their symptoms, boosting their immune system and restoring their health with chiropractic adjustments. However, we found there were still many who were falling short of a full recovery. We discovered our care was more effective when incorporating lifestyle recommendations.

Create A Healthier You

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Our philosophy has always been prevention rather than treatment of disease. We accomplish this by adopting a specific mindset and daily practices. It’s time to flip the script that getting older comes with weakness and illness. We are focused on preventative lifestyle habits and nutrition, providing us with the tools to strengthen our systems to fight disease and aging. We can combat the daily stressors, and, by doing so, fill ourselves with the energy and vitality to live youthfully.

It is our mission at Yangseed Planet to inspire health and promote respect for the planet via healthy lifestyle choices. We are a company that associates with core beliefs such as loyalty, trust, transparency, purity, and sustainability. We are dedicated to building a company that promotes interaction with its customer base. One that will encourage living a gratifying life, filled with challenge, adventure, creativity, and inspiration. These Yangseed challenges will be the basis of our interactions, fueling expressiveness and individuality and being met with accountability. Led Zeppelin said it best, “Now’s the time, the time is now.”

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