I remember when I used to get heartburn all the time.  I was under the impression I had too much stomach acid.  So, I always had my bottle of Tums.  They would temporarily relieve symptoms, however, the irony is they were actually exacerbating the problem by depleting the stomach acid that was already deficient.  

So, put aside your antacids and when you wake up in the morning, put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in your water.  Do this for some time and it should start to replenish your much needed stomach acid levels.

Low stomach acid is not only related to heartburn.  It is often associated with or the cause of other health issues such as:

Some symptoms you may have low stomach acid are:

Are you going through your day tired and just can’t snap out of it?  Well, stomach acid is needed for proper absorption of vitamin B12 and iron.  

And, when you consider that both Vit. B12 and iron play major roles in our energy level, you realize low stomach acid may be to blame for chronic fatigue.

I’m sure at some point you’ve had cravings for chocolate or sugar or more food in general.

Well, when your gut wall isn’t maintained by proper acidity levels, it loses its ability to absorb nutrients.

And, when you become nutrient deficient, you find yourself looking to fill that void.

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